Do I have the funds for a new camera?

One of the most important element that determines whether you should get a DSLR or not is usually the price. What you should do is plan out a budget plan for yourself – including the price of camera, lenses, and accessories if any – and see which camera comes in your range. If you need financial advise then ifa calne might be worth getting in touch with.

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So no you most likely have a large list of potential cameras that are in a budget range you have set. Now you should visit a popular and reliable website to compare the cameras, and determine the best four from that list. Bear in mind that you do not really have to purchase the very best camera in that budget and you might always end up compromising some money on the actual body of the camera itself and get an additional lens instead.



However, if you have an even smaller budget of let’s say five hundred then it would be much prudent to get a Point & Shoot camera, bear in mind that thee type of photography that interests you should be key.

If you really want to get into the wedding photography scene, it would be much better to save funds for a professionalDSLR; P&S cameras do not do the newlyweds justice.

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To conclude, you always must remember that once you get a  you are in an “expensive” hobby.  DSLR will need regular maintenance and cleaning to keep them in their best conditions possible. Also the lenses cost a even more money at times and the type of photography you do will heavily influence the type of lens you may need, whether it is a wide-angle lens, prime-lense or so on.

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